How To Achieve Extreme Success Like Oprah and Ursula Burns

Posted: May 19 2015




Extreme success comes from the extreme personality often compared to being obsessed. A topic which was discussed at my dinner party with leading business people this week. My travels and conducting business across the globe, living in Africa, United States and Asia developing relationships and listening extremely well, made it clear, you do not have to be Oprah or Ursula Burns to develop lifestyle habits of success.  On my travels, I have observed from successful women and men that you have to be yourself, you are what you are. These people are often looked upon as strange and quite difficult to understand. They are usually forced to experience life in an unusual way.

They develop strategies to survive, and as they grow older they find ways to apply these strategies to new things and create for themselves a distinct and powerful advantage. What is for certain, they do not think like other people. Problems that other people see are creative ways to unlock a new idea and gain insights. Many others think they are untrustworthy or they should be locked away in an asylum.

Focus. Focus. Focus. Become obsessed. Love it with a passion, and if you have to ask a friend for bus fare to get you there, ask away, do not be embarrassed. I have always believed in the inner ego, the spiritual ego. One which grows with you every second, minute, hour, day, month and year. My grandmother taught me to always to be in service to something bigger, this also inspires people and grows into the right people helping you ( you will need the right people to help you). The bigger thing (spiritual) will keep you calm and centered when people tell you you are fabulous when you aren't.

Always pursue something because it fascinates you, because the pursuit itself engages and compels you. Extremely successful people combine talent and thirst with a insane work ethic. Most often people think they are taking a type of drug to enhance there natural ability to succeed. No, they have a bullet proof work ethic, designed by themselves for there needs. If work does not drive you, your competitors will crush you. 

Over the years, people have asked how and where I get the energy and time to manage and take care off home, business and look after family and spend quality time. There are going to be family dramas, curveballs, pointless meetings, mental fatigue and loneliness, nonbelievers and negativity. It helps to have great energy and stamina. If you are blessed with godlike genetics, then make a point to get into your best shape possible. Yoga and meditation both require time patience are great. Remember to keep your body on point and your mind sharp. 

I learnt from my grandmother at a very young age to handle a level of stress that would break most people. She was a trooper with incredible grit and resilience. She did not fear failure, but moved ahead anyway. When extremely successful people fail they fail in ways that other people won't, they learn things that other people don't and never will.

There is so much on this subject. I will revisit it another time. I wish you all strength and courage in achieving your goals. Don't forget to laugh and don't take everything so serious.

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