Michelle Obama Promotes Girls Education Global Intiative in London - Let Girls Learn

Posted: Jun 19 2015


The First Lady Michelle Obama arrived in London and gave a emotional speech at our London high achieving girls comprehensive Mulberry School on Tuesday 16th June 2015 in Tower Hamlets. She launched the ''Let Girls Learn" campaign. 

Whilst in London Mrs. Michelle Obama set the stage for London Fashion Week, while having tea with Prince Harry, it seems the America's First Family and Royal family are BFFs.

Speaking in London, Mrs Obama announced that she plans to launch a $200 million partnership with the British Prime Minister David Cameron which will bring educational opportunities to over 60 million school girls in countries where they are effected by conflict and crisis. The US and the UK will collaborate to improve girls access to education by enrolling students to accelerated primary school programs reducing barriers to school access and mobilizing parental and community support. Both countries will try to improve the quality of materials used in teaching and learning and to engage via secure social media platforms. The funds will be used to improve conditions in various countries and allow young girls to learn how to engage culturally through responsive teaching.

After Michelle listened to Mrs. Obama's she was moved when she said "Perhaps like a lot of you, we grew up surrounded by our extended family" she said. ''So our home was often busy with family coming and going. And because our apartment was so small, there wasn't much privacy. I can remember how hard it was to concentrate on my homework, because someone was talking and watching TV right next to you."

Her words reminded Michelle of her upbringing. Her mother and grandmother worked extremely hard to make sure she had the right books and family support that was necessary for her to follow the right path and creating one for herself. Michelle was always reminded that being part of the community and giving back was absolute. A family tradition. Michelle has developed 9 Educational Habits, for children which has been passed on to her, by her grandmother;

1. Develop a curiosity.

2. Avoid a preconceived idea.

3. Prepare yourself to search out the true need.

4. Use your mind to think of the next big thing.

5. Prepare the mind to intelligently fill that need.

6. Create a list of books.

7. Study objects well past and present.

8. Create.

9. Be Kind

Mrs Michelle Obama's global educational programme is expected to be introduced in eleven countries in the coming months. 

It has been a while since we have posted! We have been working hard developing our products and creating our charitable cause for children and women. We have created our very own mascot.  We will tell you more about that soon.


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