International Women Day and Women's History Month

Posted: Mar 26 2015

Men and women from around the world have celebrated International Women's Day and continue to celebrate Women's Month with inspiring humanitarian stories from across the globe. We have come far my sisters. Let us not forget how important our journey has become and our long pebbled road ahead. 
As you know women's quest for self reliance is upon us now more than ever.  The UN Women has defined the year 2030 as the expiration date for gender inequality. Women make up more than half of the world's population and potential, so it is neither just nor practical for our voices to go unheard at the highest levels of decision making.


How should we arrive at these objectives? We have been taught that history is the first means of information. Not the history, that is a recital of queens, kings, dates, facts and wars which define us as a nation. The real education is the study of life and growth of other nations, in which we follow the general moral, intellectual and economic development through the ages, noting what brought about the rise and fall of nations and what were the lasting contributions of women, men and peoples now passed away to the development of the human family and the world as a whole.

Then we come  down to our history, observing characteristics and backgrounds of the people who founded our nation and those who have come since; the circumstances of pioneer life and the rapid development of industrial development. I continue to trace the reasons for present day attitudes, views and establishment of customs and points which make up the ''Human Spirit." We study the women in our history who have really made a constructive contribution, and those that have held us back, in order we may know what qualities of mind and heart formed the characters which have left a mark in time.

My thoughts at this time bring me to what is the best gift for our children whom will become the leaders of tomorrow. I would have them visit museums, know why we love and respect certain men and women of the past. I would have them learn how we conduct our relationships with the rest of the world and how our contacts began with other nations. My grandmother showed me, that seeing and understanding these things will begin to envisage the varied pattern of life of nations and how our life and environment fit into the pattern and where our own usefulness lie.

I have shared my quotes via my social media. I have been asked to share more. My passion as you may well know is designing, creating, inspiring and truth. WD by Michelle Hope will be designing and bringing to you our very own animated character ''Michelle" for children, which will inspire; love, hope, respect, the challenge to develop confidence in one another, thirst for education, respect for the use of power, faith, dignity and much more. Our t-shirts will have Michelle Hope's very own quotes so follow us on facebook, instagram, and twitter for the latest announcments.



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  • Posted by Anaya Greenberg on May 19, 2015

    Loving this!!!! The issues we have as women are so huge. Women should celebrate and stop the bickering and jealously. Hats of to you.

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