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    Posted 13 May 2016


    I am often asked how to apply essential oils to the face so I have decided to share the application process of one of our serums we have developed in France.

    1. Freshly cleansed, toned and slightly damp face helps the serum to be absorbed and lock in moisture better. 

    2. Add a light weight moisturiser which will nourish and enhance the effect of the cleanser and serum. Your skin will feel refreshed and have a youthful glow.

    3. The oils of synergy we love are from the rose of Bulgaria. Rosewood and lavender helps regenerate, hydrate the skin and restore hormonal balance. Especially relaxing ladies, during those menstrual times of the month (highly recommended). 

  • New Brand Ambassador Alannah

    Posted 30 March 2016

    Welcome Brand Ambassador Alannah


    We are proud to announce and introduce our Brazilian Ambassador Ms. Alannah Xavier from Rio De Janerio! 

     Olá... from Brazil Everyone!

    Welcome! Today is very important day for me I am so excited and looking forward to you joining me on this inspiring journey of Brand Ambassador for @michellehopewdI'm looking forward to sharing our world through images that reflect perceptions and emotions through the inspiring world of our Founder Michelle Hope. I always loved the ability to capture it through photography and it's ability to capture the fascinating world we live inI'm thrilled to share my love of art, travel, fashion and more in the hopes the images will promote conversation, and bring you joy and inspiration.

    Obrigada, Alannah

  • Michelle Hope's Five Healthy Skin Care Tips for 2016

    Posted 09 March 2016

    Water..... Drink at least seven glasses a day.

    Water may also fend off breakouts by decreasing the concentration of oil on your skin. "It is critical to have a stable balance of water to oil on the surface of skin," says our Founder Michelle. "If the skin is too heavily covered in oil relative to water, this can lead to clogged pores with acne breakouts and blemishes."

  • Female Founders Christmas Party

    Posted 16 December 2015

    Last night was Blooming Founders Christmas Party my dear friend Lu Li is the Founder and CEO she launched her new start up support network business consultancy company this year and it has been a roller coaster ride. So proud! 

    Happy Holidays!!




  • Michelle Hope Christmas Holiday Blessings

    Posted 07 December 2015


    Michelle's Christmas Blessings

    I love this season of the year, where children smile with the thought of, love, joy and giving. My family and I have so much to be thankful for. Most importantly we send our deepest gratitude to our family, friends and supporters whom have shared in my vision, travels, dreams and accomplishments over the years. 

    Raised To Serve

    The times are so serious with so much tragedy in the world that even children should be made to understand that there are vital differences in people beliefs which lead to difference in behaviour. Indeed, we should raise our young leaders to serve with kindness, understanding and develop the art of listening intently to those whom do not share in the same daily cultures " for which we do not understand, there is a lesson to be learned."

    A Women Strength 

    With great passion I believe women have the innate maternal qualities to serve and are positioned to be leaders not only inside there home but on a "Global Platform." Through out my childhood I have been blessed with women who demonstrated strength of character. My mother and grandmother demonstrated there ability to be community leaders, emotional care takers and financial providers without a flicker of an eye. This prepared me for my early welcoming of responsibilities of my step children and the development of The International Women's Club in Africa, which gave me great personal growth on how to serve.


    Michelle's Christmas Music List....

    Adele - Hello

    Omar - Make Love Not War

    Kem - Promise To Love

    Stevie Wonder - The Key Of Life


    May this season of love, reflection, serving and giving bring you happiness and peace.

    What are your blessings for this season?

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  • Michelle's 8 Kiwi Inner Beauty Skin Care Benefits

    Posted 27 November 2015

    Well, it's our last blog for the week on skin care food for healthy glowing Skin.....

    Kiwi is nutritious - rich and a great natural ingredient for your inner skin care. Packed with nutrients like Vitamin C, E and anitoxidants which are essential for boosting and rejuvenating your skins health. Michelle says, ''Vitamin C is beneficial for keeping the skin vibrant,'' a family secret our founder Michelle was passed down by her grandmother. She was first introduced to the healing benefits of kiwi whilst in Jamaica on a family vacation with her beloved grandmother who used it to treat small cuts and to prevent her skin from becoming dry while in the sun. 

    Michelle's 8 Kiwi Skin Benefits......

    1. Keeps skin supple and firm.

    2. Controls the production of sebum

    4. Promotes healthy and glowing skin.

    5. Prevents sun damage.

    6. Brightens skin tone.

    7. Exfoliation. 

    8. Cell regeneration.

    Do you have any secrets to maintaining healthy skin? Share your favourite recipes and tips with us on Instagram and Twitter.




  • Michelle's Number Two Skin Care Food For Glowing Skin

    Posted 25 November 2015


    Flash Fried Tuna with.... Florette Mixed Leaf Salad

    There are many benefits of tuna fish, one is the the high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which help to reduce omega-6 fatty acids and cholesterol in the arteries and blood vessels. Tuna is a great source of selenium and this helps to keep the skin tight and smooth.The antioxidants in the tuna also help to prevent damage to skin cells from UV exposure. This no way a substitute for broad spectrum sunscreen. 

    Do you have any secrets to maintaining healthy skin? Share your favourite recipes and tips with us on Instagram and Twitter.

    Stay tuned for more skin care food by our founder Michelle Hope.

    Don't forget to wash, cleanse and tone before you sleep.



  • Michelle Hope's Winter Foods for Healthy Glowing Skin

    Posted 24 November 2015


    Michelle's Healthy Skin Foods

    This week we will be featuring our winter skin care foods, so stay tuned. It's that time of the year when our skin can become dry and flaky during the winter months. In addition to Michelle Hope's skin care beauty care regime she is passionate about nourishing your skin from the inside out she say's, "What we put in our bodies is just as essential to a healthy glow as what we apply on it." 

    One of our health foods for a youthful glow is Salmon with blackberries on top. Why because it's preparation time is five minutes and cooking time only twelve minutes, perfect for the working women with a family. Add some lustre and softness to your complexion by feasting on salmon.

    A fish with one of the richest concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats nourish the skin by reducing the body's reduction of inflammatory substances, and averting fine lines and wrinkles.

    Michelle's Serving Suggestions

    Mashed potatoes

    Salad with French Dressing 

    Brown Rice

  • Michelle Hope's New Essential Skin Care Range For All Skin Types

    Posted 30 October 2015



    This ultra penetrating serum highly concentrated in AHA complex from red seaweed provides a gentle exfoliation of the epidermis while maintaining and stimulating micro circulation to restore hydration and radiance to the skin.


    It's good to shine! The Aqua Innovation Polish is a plant based fruit  especially designed for the face. Specially formulated to nourish and rejuvenate tired skin. A must for flaky, dull skin. Made with delicious micronised cranberrys and salts the skin emerges perfectly refined, moisturised and protected against anti-ageing.


  • Michelle Hope's Five Skin Care Beauty Secrets

    Posted 22 October 2015

    Michelle's Beauty Secrets

    We have always been asked what are our founders skin care beauty secrets. Michelle has definitely been handed down the secrets from her mother and grandmother, the rest she says is good old genetics, and Lifestyle. Today we are sharing Michelle's 5 beauty skin care secrets.

    While getting ready to dazzle everyone.....

    1. While preparing your skin care ritual, put on some soul music, one of Michelle's favourites is R&B artist Kem. Just like plants music stimulates the skin and soul, leaving you energised, motivated and inspired.

    2. Apply your cleanser, to the palm of your hand, add a little water and rub hands together and apply using to face with fingertips using circular motions. Pay particular attention to your forehead, cheeks, nose and neck so. Rinse with warm water. A good cleanse prepares you for skin care regime.

    3. Pat your face with a dry white towel. Always use a separate towel to dry your skin especially if you are acne prone. Your facial skin is delicate and sensitive, and none of the oils from your body or hair should ever be transferred on your face.


    4. Always allow you skin to relax and your pores to settle before applying your toner, moisturiser. Michelle uses this time to make a cup of Jasmine tea which promotes a sense of well being and calm recommended to promote relaxation and help reduce stress.

    5. Don't leave home without your sunscreen! "A broad spectrum sunscreen is imperative," says Michelle whom never leaves home with out it. Women are much more comfortable with skincare than men, so ladies, you need to get your men and children on broad spectrum sunscreen. Whether there your husband, brother, friend or your male child. They need to understand it's importance.

    Michelle is a women of colour and she had to do some research to find a SPF that suited her complexion. "No one's natural SPF is enough to keep the ills of sun damage at bay", says, Michelle. It requires effort on our part to keep our brown skin tones glowing and protected from the serious summer sun".

    She found so many SPFs  contain hefty amounts of zinc or titanium oxide that make the formulations bright white, giving many darks skins a grey, smurf and zombie effect. Many were to oily and did not stay on. Finally, she found some products that finally worked. Here are Michelle's top two:

    Ultra Sun Face 50+, Anti Ageing Ultra Sensitive, Facial Sun Cream - Johnlewis.com

    Sensai Silky Bronze Cellular Protective Stick SPF30 - Harrods.com

    Follow us on twitter and Instagram for behind the scenes pictures and thoughts of our founder Michelle.

    "With a great skin care regime you should only use cosmetics as an enhancement to your all ready beautiful self," says our Founder, Michelle Hope




  • Partnership and Distribution for Michelle Hope's New Luxury Skin Care Line

    Posted 15 September 2015

    We would like to thank you for your interest in Michelle Hope's new luxury skin care line. We are open to forming strategic partnerships with distributors. Please email us and a representative of WD by Michelle Hope will contact you.


  • The Beauty Argument That Sparked Over Skin Tones

    Posted 20 August 2015


    This fall we will see seven women of colour grace the cover of fall fashion magazines, yet, we still do not have the products on our shelves to celebrate women of colour created by a women of colour. Our founder Michelle, was sent a email with the twitter hashtag #FlexinMyComplexion which sparked an argument about race and when the phrase 'beautiful skin' was searched, mostly, white beautiful women appeared. She is the founder and the creative mind behind the new luxury skincare line WD by Michelle Hope. Michelle uses her instagram platform to share her journey, inspirations and drive behind the brand.

    We are proud of the women of colour who grace the covers of todays magazines and the women who support and nurture there talents. Let us not hinder each others progress, but embrace and celebrate each other.





  • Michelle Hopes Beauty Fruits For The Glowing Skin

    Posted 08 August 2015


    Our founder Michelle's summer vacation in Italy was serene and full of sumptous fruits. Michelle takes her health and inner beauty care very seriously. Real skin care starts from within and we only get the best results on the outside by being conscious of what we eat. We wanted to share one of her favourite fruits the delicioulsy sweet soft like butter consistency, it is no wonder papaya was reputably called the''fruit of the angels'' by Christopher Columbus. 


    Papaya contains chemicals known as beta hydroxy acid, which act as a natural and gentle exfoliator on the skin. Mash it up and mix with yoghurt or honey for a brightening face mask, and let the enzymes work their magic. Like an all-natural skin peel.


    1. Slice a small papaya lengthwise and fill with a fruit salad.

    2. In a blender, combine, apples, papaya, strawberry, banana and yoghurt for a energiser smoothie (great for breakfast). Michelle's pre-breakfast run drink.

    3. Mix diced papaya, cilantro, ginger, jalapeno peppers and together to make a unique salsa that goes great with halibut, scallops and shrimp.

    Share your own serving ideas. Tell us your thoughts and for the behind the scenes pictures from Michelle's trip to Italy follow us on instagram.  

    Happy Summer Ladies!





  • Michelle Obama Promotes Girls Education Global Intiative in London - Let Girls Learn

    Posted 19 June 2015







    The First Lady Michelle Obama arrived in and gave a emotional speech at our London high achieving girls comprehensive Mulberry School on Tuesday 16th June 2015 in Tower Hamlets. She launched the ''Let Girls Learn" campaign. 

    Whilst in London Mrs. Michelle Obama set the stage for London Fashion Week, while having tea with Prince Harry, it seems the America's First Family and Royal family are BFFs.

    Speaking in London, Mrs Obama announced that she plans to launch a $200 million partnership with the British Prime Minister David Cameron which will bring educational opportunities to over 60 million school girls in countries where they are effected by conflict and crisis. The US and the UK will collaborate to improve girls access to education by enrolling students to accelerated primary school programs reducing barriers to school access and mobilizing parental and community support. Both countries will try to improve the quality of materials used in teaching and learning and to engage via secure social media platforms. The funds will be used to improve conditions in various countries and allow young girls to learn how to engage culturally through responsive teaching.

    After Michelle listened to Mrs. Obama's she was moved when she said "Perhaps like a lot of you, we grew up surrounded by our extended family" she said. ''So our home was often busy with family coming and going. And because our apartment was so small, there wasn't much privacy. I can remember how hard it was to concentrate on my homework, because someone was talking and watching TV right next to you."

    Those words reminded Michelle of her upbringing. Her mother and grandmother worked extremely hard to make sure Michelle and her siblings had the right books, environment and family support that was necessary for them to follow the right path and eventually creating one of there own. Michelle was always reminded that being part of the community and giving back was absolute. A family tradition. Michelle has developed 9 Educational Habits, for children which has been passed on to her by her grandmother;

    1. Develop a curiosity.

    2. Avoid a preconceived idea.

    3. Prepare yourself to search out the true need.

    4. Use your mind to think of the next big thing.

    5. Prepare the mind to intelligently fill that need.

    6. Create a list of books.

    7. Study objects well past and present.

    8. Create.

    9. Be Kind.

    Mrs Michelle Obama's global educational programme is expected to be introduced in eleven countries in the coming months. 

    It has been a while since we have posted! We have been working hard developing our products and creating our charitable cause for children and women. We have created our very own mascot.  We will tell you more about that soon.

    Causes Empowering Women and Children: HeForShe UN Women Sweden Johnson & Johnson Makers BBCNews CocaCola Spanx



    Michelle Hope






  • How To Achieve Extreme Success Like Oprah and Ursula Burns

    Posted 19 May 2015

    Extreme success comes from the extreme personality often compared to being obsessed. A topic which was discussed at my dinner party with leading business people this week. My travels and business across the globe, living in Africa, United States and Asia developing relationships and listening extremely well, made it clear, you do not have to be Oprah or Ursula Burns to develop lifestyle habits of success.  On my travels, I have observed from successful women and men that you have to be yourself, you are what you are. These people are often looked upon as strange and quite difficult to understand. They are usually forced to experience life in an unusual way.

    They develop strategies to survive, and as they grow older they find ways to apply these strategies to new things and create for themselves a distinct and powerful advantage. What is for certain, they do not think like other people. Problems that other people see are creative ways to unlock a new idea and gain insights. Many others think they are untrustworthy or they should be locked away in an asylum.

    Focus. Focus. Focus. Become obsessed. Love it with a passion, and if you have to ask a friend for bus fare to get you there, ask away, do not be embarrassed. I have always believed in the inner ego, the spiritual ego. One which grows with you every second, minute, hour, day, month and year. My grandmother taught me to always to be in service to something bigger, this also inspires people and grows into the right people helping you ( you will need the right people to help you). The bigger thing (spiritual) will keep you calm and centered when people tell you you are fabulous when you aren't.

    Always pursue something because it fascinates you, because the pursuit itself engages and compels you. Extremely successful people combine talent and thirst with a insane work ethic. Most often people think they are taking a type of drug to enhance there natural ability to succeed. No, they have a bullet proof work ethic, designed by themselves for there needs. If work does not drive you, your competitors will crush you. 

    Over the years, people have asked how and where I get the energy and time to manage and take care off home, business and look after family and spend quality time. There are going to be family dramas, curveballs, pointless meetings, mental fatigue and loneliness, nonbelievers and negativity. It helps to have great energy and stamina. If you are blessed with godlike genetics, then make a point to get into your best shape possible. Yoga and meditation both require time patience are great. Remember to keep your body on point and your mind sharp. 

    I learnt from my grandmother at a very young age to handle a level of stress that would break most people. She was a trooper with incredible grit and resilience. She did not fear failure, but moved ahead anyway. When extremely successful people fail they fail in ways that other people won't, they learn things that other people don't and never will.

    There is so much on this subject. I will revisit it another time. I wish you all strength and courage in achieving your goals. Don't forget to laugh and don't take everything so serious.

    Influencers - Makers - Yoga - Meditation





  • WD by Michelle Hope Introduces Celebrity Hair Stylist Kisa Alexander

    Posted 08 April 2015

    Kisa Alexander comes with over fifteen years experience in the industry she has worked with hollywood actress Kerry Washington, from the hit political thriller Scandal including Atlanta Housewives Cynthia Bailey to mention a few.  The international celebrity hairdresser brings creativity, trendsetting vision and extraordinary skill to the Michelle Hope team she,'makes your hair dance.' 
    I was introduced to Kisa in June 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia, while she was styling her celebrity client. Kisa immediately demonstrated an air of complete command, authority and confidence an energy that communicated, 'I know my work, and you are in good hands.' I was taken too by how collaborative she was with other stylist. She asked there advice, showcased there talents as much as her own and honoured their input. A real team player.
    Seeing Kisa in action and after she worked her magic on my hair, the rest is! she became my go to celebrity hairdresser in the US. 
    Contact us to experience our creative styling talents. 
  • International Women Day and Women's History Month

    Posted 26 March 2015


    Men and women from around the world have celebrated International Women's Day and continue to celebrate Women's Month with inspiring humanitarian stories from across the globe. We have come far my sisters. Let us not forget how important our journey has become and our long pebbled road ahead. 
  • Travels to Thailand

    Posted 05 March 2015


    We have joined the popular blog platform Bloglovin. It's great because it is interactive, friendly and, yes, you can follow and join the experience and tell us what you think.

  • An Exclusive Private Viewing from Lauren Bacall Collection

    Posted 19 February 2015

    I was invited to attended an inspiring event held at Bonhams in London this week. Acclaimed actress of stage and screen, Lauren Bacall passed away August 2014, she assembled an astonishing art collection by some of the greatest artist of the 20th century, comprising, jewellery, decorative arts, tribal works of art, print and paintings. 
  • Rada Group

    Posted 29 November 2014

  • Entrepreneur - Empowerment, Part of the Commercial Opportunity that Changes Lives

    Posted 28 November 2014

    Empowering my staff and especially women, has always been something I have loved, especially while I am in Africa. I've had a unique insight, into the struggles and hardships of the children and local women whom suffer with respiratory problems and burns due the pollution of there gas and kerosine fires. So when I was given a wonderbag a non-electronic eco friendly heat retention cooker, I was amazed. It slow cooks food, in a bag, no plugs and no fuss! Having a wonderbag would allow women to feed there families, generate a income and save time.
  • Night Adventure in the Amazon Jungle

    Posted 10 November 2014




    Our night adventure started after 10 pm spotting and catching baby crocodiles at night, visiting the friends I made along the amazon river. The crocodiles were put back in the waters. I had to take a picture because I knew there would be doubt, that I actually held a live crocodile in my hands. This was my third trip to the Jungle, I made a new friend Silena (little girl) she became my assistant while I was there. I stayed calm while I wondered what creatures inhabiting the waters and trees would attack me. But it also mean't I was experiencing the spectacular surrounding wilderness without cell phones and modern commodities. Peace. Silence. Only the sound of waters. I was happy to be back. Stay tuned, for the rest of my quest.


  • Deep in The Amazon Jungle

    Posted 08 November 2014

    Amazon River "Meeting of two Rivers"Amazon Local MarketAmazon Jungle
    We took a boat across the Amazon River the famous "meeting of two rivers.'' Along our way I stopped at the local shop for some supplies and ingredients. The views were breath taking. 
  • Quest Begins

    Posted 06 November 2014

  • Michelle - 12 Things My Grandmother Taught Me

    Posted 12 May 2014

    Grandmother and Michelle 
    12 Things My Grandmother Taught Me. We couldn’t celebrate Mother’s Day here on The Michelle Hope Blog without a nod to Michelle's own Grandmother, Minette. Whom raised her. She’s long been an inspiration — and not just when it comes to the work. Here, Michelle shares a few life lessons she learned from her Beloved Grandmother.
    1.  Always be open to new ideas, people and opportunities. And always treat everyone equally and with respect.
    2. Do not marry too early, before one’s character has had an opportunity to develop, and the eye has travelled.
  • WD by Michelle Hope - New Summer Sandals Sparkle 21

    Posted 12 April 2014

  • Commander in Chic -Every Woman's Guide to Managing Her Style Like a First Lady

    Posted 27 February 2014

    With her “classic with a twist” sensibility, Michelle Obama oozes chic! Mikki Taylor, one of the nation’s foremost authorities on fashion, beauty, and style, has taken Mrs. Obama as her muse, to write the book women who admire them both have been waiting for, Commander in Chic.
    The nation’s major networks, radio stations, and newspapers call on Mikki Taylor not only to discuss the “Obama look” and its feverish impact on style, but to hear Taylor’s own smart advice on looking polished and pulled together.
  • Michelle Hope New Collection - Simplicity is True Elegance

    Posted 25 February 2014

    WD by Michelle Hope New Collection Coming Soon! We live in times where women are looking for casual elegance and femininity and the feeling of hidden luxury at a attainable price.
  • Insiders Guide - Our Founder Michelle Hope clues us in where to go and what to see just in time for London Fashion Week

    Posted 18 February 2014

  • London Fashion Week 14-18 February 2014

    Posted 16 February 2014

    At WD - Fashion is Global - But what do we mean by that? In an era of instant communication it's easy to believe we can understand everything we want to know about the world's designers, trends and people's ideas by switching on our smartphones and tablets. Not true.
  • The Rock Vault Champagne Reception - London Fashion Week SS14

    Posted 16 February 2014

    See images from events that took place during London Fashion Week including at a dinner hosted by HRH Princess Beatrice of York... Click Here 
  • Glamour Geek

    Posted 05 February 2014

    As one of Google’s highest-ranking women, Marissa Mayer became a Silicon Valley superstar.... Click  Here
  • Hey, Welcome to The Michelle Hope Blog

    Posted 03 February 2014

    Hi Everyone,
    Michelle and the WOW DESIGNS TEAM would like to wish you a fearless 2014! We look forward to sharing, giving and learning from all of our customers and reporting all your WOW MOMENTS! We are so excited to engage with everyone, especially for the season of

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